Thursday, February 24, 2011

Slow Android emulator? Speed up it!

It takes long time to start Android emulator. But now you can save emulator state in "snapshot" and load it avoiding booting during emulator startup. It works starting from the revision 10 released earlier in February 2011.

To start using this feature you need to update AVD manager and create Android Virtual Device (AVD) with checked snapshot checkbox.

Then start emulator with checked "save to snapshot" checkbox. Emulator starts and when it has loaded you can close it and there will be a snapshot of started emulator. Snapshot will be saved in a few minutes.

Next time set "Launch from snapshot" checkbox and emulator will start quicklier.


  1. Thanks! Just what I needed.

  2. One question... In order to save state, do I have to turn off emulator on power button on the right panel, or can I just close the emulator window?

  3. You can close emulator window.

  4. Thanks for having a snapshot for more information sharing. Android application is simple to develop and it require some good skill on Core java.